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Training for dressage during the summer holidays !

Summer is the ideal time to perform all sorts of courses, related to his hobbies. Especially for children who are on vacation for two months. So why not a dressage training during the summer holidays ?

The week type of a dressage horse

To ensure optimal well being and pleasant living conditions, it is essential not only to offer the horse a suitable living environment but also appropriate activities. Obviously, the training must be done in compliance with the animal, its health and its morale but managing its life outside the gym sessions should also be organized intelligently. It is the key to success.

Training should be fun and diverse. Too often, the rider tries to dominate, to submit his horse making it repeat the same exercise in search of perfection.
The training must provide the rider many tools guaranteeing the multiplicity of occupations of horse to stimulate its enthusiasm. The horses carry an average of four training sessions in the week. The horses are working on two consecutive days in the saddle before making a day of loin, of trotting or only paddock. Then again mounted two days and so on. The idea is to frequently alternate horse activities. The goal is that it continues to take pleasure in training. Too repetitive succession of intense physical exertion may interfere with concentration and physical availability of the horse which will be tired and fatigued by exercise. It is necessary to intersect the trainings of relaxation, fun, relaxation, freedom.

All horses without exception pass daily half a day in an individual adjoining paddock with other horses whatever the provided training. This proximity with conspecifics allows to maintain social relationships, to play, to spend, to walk and to graze - absolutely fundamental and natural activities to the horse.The day of tether can follow the day of paddock.
The fact of not working with horses seven days a week does not slow or deteriorate their development and training. Instead, you will find using this method as holiday returns are much nicer !

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