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What kind of horse will never let you fall ?

Be passionate horse is a lifestyle to adopt. This does not actually sums just to live in a ranch or make the equestrian occasionally. The time spent with the horses, rub them, feed them naturally weaves a relationship with you and your pet. If you want a horse that will never let you fall, exploit this feeling of attachment that your horse will have for you. You'll be astonished at his behavior towards your person.

Friendship, a first step

Having a horse that never let you down does not depend on his race. This is mainly based on the relationship that you hold with him. The closer you are to him, the more you will win her love and trust. So become his friend!

Like all living things, the friendship between a man and a horse is cultivated. So that it can attach to you, it is essential to do so step closer by the day of your horse. The care and dedicate a little time will allow him to meet you. he will then naturally at ease in your presence.

Create a good relationship with his equine

What should not be forgotten in a friendly relationship with the horse is to be taken into account that the latter has its own needs. So do not make him feel that his existence is to serve you when you put her used french saddles. Rather, the goal is that it can feel that it is your best friend and far from being your slave. To do this, the first step is to know your horse even more. It is by observing that you can know his behavior, what he likes but above all it is important to consider its history to better understand it. It is through this approach that your horse will trust gradually to you after a while. Once you can feel her moods, remember to teach him respect by putting some rules you. This step is often accompanied by a training session.

In these few steps, you can have both a helpful horse and best friend ready to never let you down.

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