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Used horses equipments can be perfect if they are well designed

The equestrian equipment means all the equipment used for the conduct of the horse by the rider, for his protection and care. The equestrian equipment also includes the holding of the rider. It must include the riding cap, gloves, boots, the breeches, sometimes also the riding jacket and riding crop. Some equestrian facilities exist as such for centuries, others have recently been developed for the needs of new practices related to modern equestrian sports and recreation.

About the saddle... and more

The seat is generally a leather object, which is placed on the horse's back so that the rider can sit there. The saddle is often equipped with stirrups, which are two metal rings on each side, allowing the rider to lean to ride on the horse, but also to keep a better balance in the saddle once and relay orders to the horse thanks his legs ect ... a saddle cloth is usually placed under the seat, it serves to protect the horse's back injury due to friction can also introduce a damper that will serve to cushion the weight of the saddle. The saddle pad is used to protect the leather of the saddle horse sweat, but it also prevents the horse's skin to be irritated and heated by friction of the saddle. There are many forms of saddle pads for specific disciplines.

Together, these facilities contribute to the reputation of riding as an activity that returns dear. But if you do well you will realize that this is not entirely true. Indeed you will find all the equipment used to buy. And these days you can easily get them through internet. For example, there are very fine used saddles on Equitack.

Yes, indeed, used horses equipment can be perfect if they are well designed.

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