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Story of a saddle, story of a horseman

The saddle is none other than the leather seat that is found on the back of the horse that the latter is seen in f, dressage, endurance, hiking, anywhere and in any discipline. It is constituted by the ranging areas on the sides, by a strap which holds it and which is fixed below the areas in question. The part occupied by the rider is generally hollow. It is the seat while the front part of the head is rather whether the back is called the cantle. At each side of the saddle, there are stirrups. These serve as support for the rider's feet for him to be in good balance and keep the right position at all times. They can be either of metal or wood with adjustable strips.

The different kinds of saddle

On the market, one can find several types of saddle adapted to the needs and budget of each well that there are also used saddles for sale for those on a budget saw a saddle usually is expensive.

The main ones are generally the English saddle and western saddle. The first is best known for its lightness. It is flatter than the other while the second is heavier with a cantle and a higher head. It is possible for livestock farmers to hang a lasso with the extension of the head.

The saddle story

The first stool appeared after antiquity. They were designed to provide maximum stability to the rider while pouvan save the horse's back. American saddle comes from that of the Spanish conquistadors. It is heavier and very solid. It also remains a neigbouring those of the Iberian saddle even the guardian Camargue saddle. American saddle is then advanced through these original models and varies depending on its use, time and area.

If as a rider, you need a saddle for your needs, you should base on the following criteria: morphology, posture, bobologie, psychosomatic and discipline. The most important is to ensure your safety and that of your horse.

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